Thief Hatch Switch Kit

Real-time Thief Hatch Open/Close Detection Solution.

  • Real-time thief hatch monitoring detection system
  • Offered in 10 ft or 30 ft wire length
  • Designed to work with OleumTech product with an available discrete input
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Works with OleumTech Liquid Level Transmitter (LL3-D, RL2 )
  • Works with IO MAX Transmitter (MX1)
  • Works with Discrete Transmitter (DS1/DJ1)


  • Latch Switch Pin
  • Magnetic Trigger Hinge Pin
  • 10 ft or 30 ft cable for wiring to Liquid Level Transmitter (WT-xxxx-LL3-D, SM5x00-RL2), Discrete Transmitter (WT-xxxx-DS1 / SM5x00-DJ1/DS1)

The Thief Hatch Switch Kit is a turnkey solution for monitoring and instantly detecting open or closed status of a thief hatch when used with an OleumTech Liquid Level Transmitter (LL3-D, RL2) or Discrete Transmitter. In addition, these Transmitters have ability to keep count the number of times thief hatch was opened and closed.

The Thief Hatch Switch Kit consists of a latch switch pin and a magnetic trigger hinge pin along a 10 or 30 ft outdoor-rated wiring. The switch wires are then attached to a discrete input available on the Transmitter. When the Transmitter powers up, it checks to see if the circuit is “closed” or “open.” The circuit is only closed when the hatch is properly latched. If the latch is not closed or the sensor wires have been damaged or disconnected, the Transmitter will send an “open” signal.